Sunday, April 23, 2006

Been awhile...anyone feel like going to a carnival?

There's the Carnival of Recipes, for openers, hosted by Everything and Nothing, which might be like being and not being, except it's not.

Mickey is hosting the Carnival of Dogs; the blog craze has evidently reached the canine world.

The Work At Home Mom Bloggers are hosting a Carnival of, um, Work At Home. I've worked from home with varying degrees of success, and its good to see someone taking a stab at filling the one significant downside of working from home: connectivity with others.

I'd link to last weeks Jack Bauer Carnival, but there'll be another one up by Tuesday. The body count is piling up around Bauer, so better to just wait. Of course, Jack Bauer isn't someone you should trifle with, so I better get on top of that. A few weeks ago someone counted how many times Jack Bauer screams "NOW!" in an hour, and it was like 87 or something. So he's not a particularly patient man either. So let's do this:


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