Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally feeling composed enough to comment on the Holland - Portugal match and a few other things...

First of all, what was with the blue shorts and white tops? Holland wears orange, and everyone knows that. Obviously a group of impostors. The game itself was a complete embarrassment, and I'll say naught else. (So much for my assertion that I'm able to comment on the match.)

Apart from that, the 8 quarterfinalists are set: 6 European and 2 South American teams. All the usual suspects: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, etc *yawn* how pedestrian and predicatable. The excitement and intrigue has gone out of it for me. I'll watch here and there, but the obsession is over.


Anonymous Ashley said...

Not even any predictions, Ron? I'll take a shot:
Germany vs. Italy (aka The Fascists Cup): no contest, Germany.
Portugal vs. France: This one's a little tougher. Portugal is one of the few teams I've been following, and I remain baffled by them. Nevertheless, I'm rooting for them. In part, it's because Cristiano Ronaldo is just the prettiest little thing I've ever seen. He should be doing Biore commercials. Secondly, much as I am also disgusted by the game they played against Holland, I do have to give them credit. If you're going to play dirty, Rule #1 is that you'd better win. And that brings me to the third reason I give Portugal props - they want to win, dammit. God knows how they do it - they flail around on the field like Michael Flatley's legs, tossing their black curls in defiance. It's not nice, and it's not pretty. (Ronaldo notwithstanding.) But they get the job done. Portugal over France.
The final, however, will go to Germany.
As yet, unfortunately, there is no cure for OWS (Orange Withdrawl Syndrome).

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