Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I happened to be at my doctors office today (ear issues, again) and the only magazine in the entire waiting room (yes, exactly one magazine) was a major "news" magazine about 6 weeks old. So I start flipping through it anyway and was thunderstruck by how much of the information and news that ended in predictions and prognostication either didn't happen or happened exactly the opposite of what the journalists, editorialists, and editors wrote. And it made me wonder: does anyone ever hold these buffoons accountable for their alarmist quackery?

Happily, yes...

Interestingly, Bill Roggio, who actually does real reporting and so is relatively unknown, files a report from Afghanistan on the bogus false non-story of the kidnapped Canadian soldier that spread through the media like wildfire earlier today:
"An Al Jazeera report, based on an unsubstantiated claim from an unnamed Taliban source, indicated a Canadian soldier was kidnapped in Afghanistan. Reuters repeated the unsubstantiated claim, which later morphed into an unspecified number of Coalition troops. "

Accountability? Naah...


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