Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beckham to Los Angeles? Well, well, well...

The reported contract is for $250 million over 5 years, which is double A-Rod's deal. A staggering sum, and you have to wonder where MLS will find that kind of cash. The MLS player strategy thus far had been to avoid the old NASL formula of bringing over aging overpriced superstars which provided star appeal, but didn't necessarily improve the on-field quality. Does this represent a shift in strategy? Again, where's the cash coming from?

I've met US Soccer President Sunil Gulati, and he is, in a word, brilliant. I can't believe Sunil would do something his league couldn't handle over time, but still...

As an aside, MLS's biggest sponsor is adidas, and my club is on the verge of inking a uniform/sponsorship deal with adidas. Included in the package is an occasional player appearance for youth clinics and the like. Can I hope..??

If Beckham ever did come to my town for something like that, I'd auction off his time to all the soccer moms in town and I'd have the club's operating expenses covered for the next decade at least.

UPDATE: The requests for a picture are already coming in. Here you go:

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Soccernet page at ESPN has posted a survey where you can "vote" on why Beckham's coming at all. The choices are "challenge", "money", "fame", and "he had no choice". They left out a couple of obvious reasons: "all of the above" and "the desultory, dysfunctional condition of European soccer", about which I'll be commenting on in the days ahead.


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