Thursday, July 19, 2007

Had the pleasure of getting to Fenway Park last night for the first time this year. Had some outrageously fine seats courtesy of a vendor and got to enjoy the block party that passes for a Boston Red Sox baseball game. Average game at best, though Manny did put one in the center field bleachers.

Baseball's not so much my thing, but I do enjoy the ritual of the whole thing: the bags of peanuts getting tossed around, the kids with their gloves, the grounds crew with their brooms, the silly sing-along in the seventh inning, the Sweet Caroline silliness; all of it...

The were even a group of old-time geezers right in front of us, guys that looked like they'd been coming to the stadium since the Ted Williams era and who probably still refer to Yaz as "Kid".

Red (who else?) has the only game commentary you need...


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