Monday, November 12, 2007

Winners Only Nick keeps us well informed from the gates of Fox Studios in Hollywood:

"...people who write for Leno and Letterman have nothing to do with the idiots who want more money from DVD sales. And (I’m a writer and I’m saying this), why exactly should they get a higher residual percentage? Writers are not the ones fronting the enormous production dollars. If NBC Productions puts $30+ million into a season of The Office or whatever, why should a hired writer have the right to get a percentage of DVD sales off of that? They’re not the ones risking $30 million! I’m guessing that about 90% of the 12,000 WGA members are not even really working. It’s a number that is grossly overstated when used to talk about 'working' writers. By the way, Friday’s 'massive' protest in front of my office window turned out to be a little more low key than anticipated. I had heard 4,000 protesters, all the way up to possibly 12,000. It turned out to be about 1,000 idiots, 5 actors, 2 directors, a couple bums, walking around for two hours until they got tired. Before you knew it, we all looked outside and were saying, 'Where did they all go?' Hysterical!"

Nick was responding to this article, which includes the strike headline-of-the-day.

And Nick provides before and after photographic evidence of the "massive" strike turnout outside his office window!

They must have all been sitting by their pools eating designer sushi...

UPDATE: Nick informs us the above photos were from Thursday's much smaller rally.


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