Thursday, February 07, 2008

Spring training starts soon, and the overly long baseball season starts again (as if it ever really stops...). Given the absurd histrionics we'll have to deal with all summer and fall, baseball will be a delightful distraction.

Red has a wonderful post about "the astonishing lengths to which folks will go to snag an actual Major League game ball". I've come close on a few occassions, but never did get one. Last summer a guy directly in front of me caught a ball that would have broken someone's face if he hadn't been there. A couple of years ago a high pop up fell over my head just off my fingertips and landed smack in some dude's beer cup. Hilarious, but not to the dude who lost his $7 beer and got soaked in that lovely stadium beer aroma...

But my best memory (or worst, I'm not sure) was a foul ball at a game in Philadelphia that rolled up the first base wall right to where I was sitting. I leaned over to field it and the sucker bounced off my hand and into right field. The effing stadium erupted in boos! Wait, it gets better (or worse)! They replayed the scene on the jumbotron in centerfield, and they effing booed me again! City of Brotherly Love, my ass.

And Basegirl quickly gets over football and gets right into baseball...


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