Thursday, December 03, 2009

Following up on a successful trial last year, we're once again posting Christmas wish lists here. Because, you know, I have no other followers...

Anyway first up are Ryan and Kerri, keeping it simple this hectic season by asking for gift cards...Kerri will need new clothes after the birth of her baby, so would like to shop at Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, or Gap. Your choice!

Ryan would like a gift card from either Target or Dick's, but I would also suggest Cabela's, as he's particularly interested in a gun safe. Kind of a necessity with a baby in the house!

Well look here, it's XTC with one of the finest original Christmas songs produced in the last 2 decades -- Thanks For Christmas.


Anonymous Ashley said...

What ever happened to the "no gift cards" rule??? My list would have been sooooo much easier if I'd known that rule was no longer in effect. I call foul...

3:11 PM  

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