Thursday, January 05, 2012

Several years ago, after the Firefly series was cancelled, I received the complete Firefly series as a Christmas gift (along with the sequel movie Serenity). I started watching the episodes in their original order with the Not My Fault daughter, back to back to back. And when we got the the last one we just went back to the beginning and started again...

What would explain the ability of a low-budget sci-fi show to not only reach across generations, but leave young and old equally transfixed? I'm convinced my daughter learned more about liberty and loyalty, commitment and fairness, from those 14 episodes than she did in 12 years of public schooling.

Anyway, when I saw this article about watching Firefly with your kid, well it struck a chord with me. So we watched a few episodes last night, just for old times sake...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl and I loved that show and also own the series. Great stuff.

5:35 AM  

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