Thursday, April 05, 2007

I've been saying for a few years now that Holland is finished: demographic, social, and cultural trends have put the nation in an absolute death-spiral from which I don't believe it will recover. Oh, there will still be a "place" on maps called Holland (or the Netherlands, if you like), but any ideal of unique "Dutchness" will cease to exist in another generation or two.

Here then is a sobering analysis of what has become a mass exodus from Holland, as the flight from Holland gains traction.

Key bit:

"...the disgruntled Dutch are anything but tired and poor. They’re young, affluent, well-educated, entrepreneurial, fluent in English and smart enough to have figured that the time has come to get out as the future can no longer be found at home."

And this:

" terms of negatives the Dutch have basically got it all: high population density, an over-regulated society, a significant tax burden, soaring crime rates, a general sense of ‘dilapidation’ and a huge unintegrated pool of Muslim immigrants."


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