Friday, August 10, 2007

I've been pretty silent these past few weeks on the whole Beckham media storm, which at times descended into absurdity and embarrassment. I'm sure Becks felt great relief on entering his MLS debut match around the 60th minute last night.

I watched the game in its entirety, and I just could not believe just how badly the LA Galaxy played. I can only imagine what he might have been thinking as he watched his new teammates play like schoolboys. When Beckham entered, his first touch was a sublime one-touch ball that threaded 3 defenders and landed at the feet of a teammate alone, with time and space. It was the first time in the match that an LA player found himself with the ball and an opportunity to create. It was the kind of pass that MLS players never seem to make, that only players with Premiership and La Liga experience could even see.

Soon, the hype will pass and Becks can get to the business at hand: getting his team to the top level of MLS. This year? Not likely. Next year, probably...


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