Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's another update from the front lines of Hollywood! Nick sends pictures:

Yes, bring the kids to picket…it’s fun for the whole family!

This was outside my office. Apparently they were trying to spell out W-G-A but when asked why, they couldn’t find a decent answer and just claimed they were tired of walking.Oh wait, Jesse showed up. Well, I guess it’s a real strike now…Praise Jesus! Also, that’s Dennis Haysbert getting his photo op with Jesse, like any good actor would attempt. Good going Dennis…do realize you’re out of work now too?
And Rage Against the Machine played live for everyone. Thank god they showed up! Also, it does look like more than 1,009 people. We’ll call it 1,500. Fight the power!And finally, Garry Marshall and Norman Lear showed up. Norman was told by Garry that if he came down he may get more DVD revenue from “All In The Family.” Norman responded, “I don’t know what the hell a DVD is, but if it’ll get me a few more bucks, let’s do it!”


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