Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Alright, trying something new this year. Not sure yet if it'll work out but it seems as good an option as anything else.

So let's have those Christmas Wishes!

Ashley responds first, and quite conveniently provides a link to her own Amazon page. You can surprise her with anything from her wish list.

Mike is asking Santa for a power drill - rechargable, of course. You could do worse than going here...

Ryan wants a gun safe. Also a new Patriots sweatshirt. Coincindence? I post, you decide. I like this one. He could also use a heated cable to prevent ice buildup on the roof between the house and garage, and water softener of some sort. He'd also like to get some new Dungeons and Dragons stuff, but would want to pick it out himself so you'll have to go the gift card option.

Kerri would like a digital picture frame (this seems a good place to start), a carrying case and armband for her 80 gig iPod, and new headphones (the behind the head variety). She could also use some new sweaters/long sleeve shirts, and wishes to point out her longish torso...medium to large would do it.

Jerry would like to stock up on some new cold weather gear (perhaps he
knows something?) He'd like, in order, gloves, hat, heavy socks, and perhaps a sweatshirt. (He's a Patriots fan.)

Ellen would like to add some new kitchen equipment, specifically some nice matching mixing bowls and a panini press. (not the whole pan, just the thing that looks like an iron that holds down the sandwich in the grill pan she already owns. Which, by the way, why couldn't you use an old iron?) Anyway, start here and then try here...She's also looking for sweaters/tops, but no turtleneck styles, please.

Tom, sticking with a good thing, is asking for 6 or so bottles of good quality red wine. Nothing outrageous, but bottles that he hasn't bought for himself. He urges you to find me to help with the selections, and I agree. I won a competition once. Have I told you about it? Why yes, yes I have...

That's all for now...I'll post additional wishes later this evening.


Anonymous Ashley said...

Yes! I win!

1:17 PM  

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