Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So I went to the US soccer game vs. the Czech Republic last night. Unfortunately.
The result really was a shame for a few different reasons apart from the dreadful scoreline, 4-2. The stadium was essentially full and there was a great atmosphere and energy, but the US coaching staff somehow needed to get one last look at several marginal players before leaving for the World Cup in South Africa. I have a problem with that. They've pretty much had four years to figure out who should be on the final roster. The final warm-up game should be an opportunity to put your starting 11 together for one last dress rehearsal before you take the big stage. Instead, we're evidently still looking for the final pieces to bring along. Also, a stadium full of paying fans....what, US soccer can't give a little something back to the fans? We shelled out full price for the tickets, we deserved a better showing. And by the way, those bubble players we had to watch all night? Yeah, they're pretty much crap...

So with all of that said, and based on what I saw last night, I'm making my first series of predictions for the US and the rest of group C.

US plays England first. 0-5 England. The only reason to watch will be to see if Rooney scores all 5 or if 5 different Englishmen score 1 each.

Then Slovenia. I'm calling it 0-1 to Slovenia in a mild upset, but not to me. If the US can muster some luck they could go 0-0 here, but I don't think so.

Then it's Algeria, who will be missing a top player due to injury, so the US should pick up a point: 0-0.

So there you have it: England go through with 9 points, Slovenia will finish 2nd with 4 points, Algeria 3rd with 2 points. US finish last in the group with 1 point. You read it here first.


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