Sunday, May 30, 2010

So the US did a bit better yesterday in their final tune-up, and the fans actually got to see the 11 that will be on the field when the World Cup starts, but I'm standing by my earlier prediction: 1 point & last in their group. They just don't have the depth and overall quality to deal with a competition like the Cup.

So I'm on to my next prediction, and this is about Argentina.

In many ways I believe Argentina is the class of this competition. They have the best player on the planet, another player who has the potential to be the best player on the planet by the end of next season, and mid-field talent galore with both skill and bite. Ordinarily I would predict an appearance in the final.

But. They are led by a clown.

The former great Maradona has for a decade now devolved into complete buffoonery, and his recent antics show he is simply ill-suited to the task at hand. Among other media distractions, he has demanded that a special toilet be installed at his hotel and announced he will run naked through Buenos Aires should Argentina win. Eventually these distractions will take a toll on the team and affect their on-field concentration. They are too good to be knocked out in the early stages, but I see them crashing out in the quarterfinal, or possibly the semis. Regardless, they will not be in the final. You read it here first.


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