Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sitting on my built-for-an-eternity deck with an apres jeu beverage savoring yet another Holland win at the World Cup. Next up, the finals against the winner of Germany vs Spain. Oh my.

Funny thing, after the quarterfinal win over Brazil I was euphoric, partly because they came from behind in the second half and partly because it was somewhat unexpected. I mean who beats Brazil at the World Cup? Very few. This time it was more of a feeling of relief.

I had predicted a Holland vs Germany final, a prognostication that's looking pretty darn good right about now. In fact if you had wagered on a Holland vs Germany final you'd have gotten some quite favorable odds and you'd be cashing in handsomely. Yet another reason to follow the Not My Fault! blog, as if you needed it.

Regardless, it's hard not to pull for Spain for a couple of reasons. First, it looks like a more favorable match up for the Dutch, and second a Holland vs Spain final guarantees a new World Cup winner. We haven't had one of those since Argentina in 1978, and I mean c'mon it's time for a new winner.

What else did I predict correctly? Oh yes, the Nigel de Jong difficulties. Suspended from the semi, replace by Demy de Zeeuw, who looked less than useful after getting kicked in the head. And he didn't look particularly useful before getting kicked in the head. Replaced by Van der Vaart at half time and the game changed. Coincidence? Sure if you believe in that sort of thing. But really just more evidence of my soccer knowledge and awesomeness, cause I predicted that too.

So anyway, more later...including my quest for a reasonably priced ticket to Amsterdam for the final...

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: France was the last new winner of the cup in 1998.


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