Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So finally time for some quick impressions of Holland's opening match. It's a shame that Sneijder and van der Vaart essentially play the same positions for their clubs...it means if they both want to be on the field at the same time someone has to play a different position. It looks like Holland have committed to Sneijder in the middle (and really, why not?), which pushes van der Vaart to the left. All well and good, until you see what a true wing midfielder like Elia can do when he's introduced as a sub. And how do you justify sitting Kuyt when Robben returns (presumably) from injury? Frankly, he looked better at the striker position when Affelay came on for van Persie and Kuyt moved forward. And I'm sorry, but de Jong is going to make a reckless challenge at some point in this tournament and he is going to put Holland in deep, deep trouble.

You read that last part here first...

So how about this: move van de Vaart into de Jong's spot (a more natural central position for him, albeit more defensive) and let's see more of Elia and Affelay until Robben comes back. No?

And that's why I should be coach of Holland.

Great match and behind the scenes analysis here...

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