Thursday, July 08, 2010

So it's Spain after all, as Germany fall a half step short of the final. The game seemed to lack a certain bite, as if everyone were a little too nice and respectful of one another. I think that's fine, but when you're playing for a spot in the final you expect to see some hard challenges and a few just wasn't there. I found myself pulling hard for Germany; every World Cup a team grows on me and this year for me it was the Germans. Without the dour and controlling Ballack, out through injury, Germany were a hugely entertaining side. Also, it would have been very sweet for Holland to purge the ghosts of 1974...

We'll have a first time winner on Sunday, and there are a few other notable firsts...

Some very good commentary here...

And finally, Winners Only Nick (of German descent) writes from Hollywood with his final thoughts on the semis:

In all seriousness....I knew they'd lose this game. Call it psychic, call it intuition, maybe I knew the team very well, whatever...I knew this game would play out exactly the way it did. I told my brother this morning that they wouldn't be able to attack like they did in the last two games and they'd have a lot of trouble with Spain. He thought I was nuts. Spain is a possession team, plain and simple. They're tough to beat. I hope on Sunday you guys can figure out a way to skip through their defense. One thing I know for certain, you'll have a lot more scoring opportunities than we did.

So....On Sunday I will be rooting hard for the Dutch. I told people I'd host a party on Sunday if Germany won. I think I'll still host it.




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