Friday, December 25, 2009

Before it's too late -- the Carnival of Christmas...
One night only! On the same stage! Jesus and Santa!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Um, Jordan? We're going to send Jack in to have a little talk with you. He's just finished talking with Santa...

But all is not lost, because the Dandy Warhols have stopped by with the Little Drummer Boy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eric is almost last in with his wishes! He's in need of some cold weather gear for skiing, specifically base layer clothing. He'd like a very good quality underarmour type shirt and pant for wearing under his ski pants and coat. He'd also like gloves of a good quality made from the same type material.

Uh, Jordan? Jordan? Bueller?

And hey, it's the Yobs come by to entertain us with their rollicking version of Silver Bells!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gerry arrives in time for the weekend shoppers with his wish list. He's gearing up for the chilly weather ahead and would like duofold thermal undershirt in blue...along with some heavy wool socks, size 10.5.

And speaking of winter, here's Snow Patrol with When I Get Home For Christmas...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

UPDATE: I'd like to add the book Brilliant Orange to my wish list, please...
Mom/Oma has called in her wish list! She'd like a 16" straight edge non-stick fry/saute pan with lid...Suggest you start here, or better yet here.

She also has a couple of utilitarian wishes: an ironing board with cover, and a folding clothes drying rack.

And Sinead O'Conner stops by with her lovely version of Silent Night...
UPDATE: Ellen would like to clarify her wish for casual slacks. She likes these in a nuetral color. No purple!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Not My Fault! finally shows up with his wishes...he most wants one of these, available anytime between now and the 25th century!

So while we're waiting, I'd certainly be thrilled with a speaker set for my ipod (I have the 30MG, but I think they're pretty universal).

Alternatively, but toward the same end (the Cape house), a cordless drill would be a welcome addition!

And if you're completely bereft of ideas, there's always exotic meat and game...which I can store in my flying car for in-flight emergencies.

Hey it's the Ramones! With their Timeless! Christmas! Classic! Merry Christmas! I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight!
Page is up next, and she knows exactly what she wants: a queen size comforter set for the Cape Cod beach house similar to this:

I'd suggest you find a customer service representative of the Not My Fault! blog for further assistance...

And Paul has stopped by (one of the two remaining Fab Four, with A Wonderful Christmas Time...
Ellen's list is in! What she most wants (and really really really needs) are these Lands End moccasin slippers in light brown, size 6. There are also some sport knit slacks and cords, petite size medium, that would be very functional and comfortable...

She somehow thinks an ipod would be out of the question...Not My Fault! disagrees and puts the ipod very much in play.

Ellen also loses track of her gloves each winter, so something to match her red coat and camel coat would also be welcome...

And look who's here! It's the Cocteau Twins with their fine rendition of Frosty the Snowman...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ashley's in with her wishes...her list includes several fine books, but she seems to have a strong desire for a large jewelry box, big enough to have hooks for hanging items and drawers and such...this one in particular caught her eye. Also this one...Dark wood is best; just nothing white or pink. She'd also enjoy colorful costume jewelry - matched earring and necklace sets especially!

For books, she'd like SuperFreakonomics, Moon Flights, Mockingbird, and Wolf Hall.

And look who's here! It's Root Boy Slim with the always entertaining Christmas at K-Mart!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Kim's wishes are up next...she would like clima-lite gear and is particularly interested in the Nike pant called "mystify". (Suggest discussing with Eric). She does NOT like the style that are tight all the way to the ankle, prefers the baggier version. Eric has a friend that can get Nike gear for a good price, and so do I.

Also, she would like a new Life Is Good hat. She already has brown with a pink heart and blue with a green shamrock...something new would be nice...

Later this evening: the kids!

And look who's here: it's Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders with the haunting 2,000 miles.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mike is evidently promoting a trend, as he also wants some red wine. However, he raises the bar by wishing for a couple of high quality could do much worse than going this route...or this (with which I won a competition once, but I've already told you about that).

And hey, what have we here? Why it's the Fountains of Wayne with their delightful New England holiday tune, Valley Winter Song!
Tom's up next, coming back with the tried and true for the 3rd (or is it the 6th?) year in a row with his wish for a half dozen or so good bottles of red wine. He's fond of the Cabs and Zins, and cares less for the Merlots. Blends can be nice. Any decent drinkable red wines...try here, here, and here for inspiration.

And hey, what's this? Why it's the Pogues with their timeless Christmas classic Fairytale of New York!
Following up on a successful trial last year, we're once again posting Christmas wish lists here. Because, you know, I have no other followers...

Anyway first up are Ryan and Kerri, keeping it simple this hectic season by asking for gift cards...Kerri will need new clothes after the birth of her baby, so would like to shop at Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, or Gap. Your choice!

Ryan would like a gift card from either Target or Dick's, but I would also suggest Cabela's, as he's particularly interested in a gun safe. Kind of a necessity with a baby in the house!

Well look here, it's XTC with one of the finest original Christmas songs produced in the last 2 decades -- Thanks For Christmas.